So far most are involved in sports! (Updated as of 12 January 2020)

  • Kenneth Saggers (1936-2014) South African cricketer
  • Mark Leonard Saggers, English journalist, broadcaster
  • Martin John Saggers, English cricket umpire; retired as a cricketer in 2009
  • Robert Saggers, former Australian footballer
  • Ronald Arthur Saggers (1917-1987), Australian cricketer
  • Jainti Dass Saggar (1898-1954) Scottish physician and Dundee politician. Saggar Street in Dundee, Scotland was named after him posthumously. His biography, Dr Jainti Dass Saggar – from Deharru to Dundee was written by Kamala Stewart, John Stewart & Rosemary McKnight (2015).
  • Shamit Saggar CBE, Professor, Honorary Research Fellow, Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education, School of Social Sciences and Director, Public Policy Institute, University of Western Australia.

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