Saggers photos – colourized

MyHeritage last week announced a new service – colourizing of photographs. I tried it out with a few of mine.

I know there’s a bit of angst online about this. But truly the world was full of colour before the development of colour film.

And it is certainly a fun thing to do. And may provoke some interest in all those ‘non-gen’ relatives out there.

You will see one in the header above. And one below.

The photo above shows my own Saggers family about 1905 in England before their emigration to Canada.

The photo below shows some of the Saggers families in Vancouver, British Columbia in July of 1929. Mothers are in the back row; kids in the front. My dad, George William Rogers, is the boy on the very end. Although his pants look like jeans in this colourized version, I suspect they were really dark grey or possibly brown fabric. However, blue jeans would certainly have lasted longer – I think he was quite an active kid!

If you’d like to try this out, go to MyHeritage – Colorize Your Heritage. If you are not a subscriber, you can do 10 photos free; if you are a full subscriber, there’s no limit and it’s free. Non-subscribers will have a small MyHeritage logo on their photos as below. The little palette logo signifies that the photo was colourized.

Read more at My Heritage about the colourization process, licensed by MyHeritage from DeOldify, created by Jason Antic and Dana Kelley. And about how MyHeritage is handling these photos.

MyHeritage would like to know if you might be interested in colourizing old black and white films in your possession. Contact them if you are.

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